Thermal Image of the House

Discovering heat loss with thermal imaging

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging detects infrared radiation and produces images of that radiation. All objects emit infrared radiation and the amount increases with temperature. Thermal imaging allows us to see variations in temperature because warm objects stand out against cooler backgrounds. A building’s thermal signature depicts heat leaks in faulty thermal insulation.

State-of-the-art technology

Our surveys are carried out using a FLIR, thermal imaging infrared camera. Its picture-in-picture and thermal fusion features help identify problem areas.

Jargon free reporting

We will provide you with a jargon-free report that will help you identify problems and defects with your building. Reports will contain both digital and thermal images making it easy to pinpoint any problems.

Construction experience

G Acceleration is an independent organisation established by Gerald Crittle. As a site manager he supervised the construction of a number of prestigious projects. Working as a quality and customer care manager in the sector has given him an in-depth understanding of construction defects.

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